Your Soul Knows Best

Part 1: The Value and Benefits of Exploring Past Lives

When I first did my training in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, soon after ‘the turn of the century’, little did I realise what a significant part of my practice Past Life Regression would gradually become. Over the past five years, the number of people wanting me to help them recall their past lives has grown by 20-25% per year, not only from within the UK but many other countries around the world. Talking with other PLR therapists, I am hearing the same story repeated many times.

Once qualified, and with the benefit of ongoing workshops and specialist master classes, I embarked on a career that centred around helping people to overcome emotional problems accumulated during this lifetime, resulting in uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms. These ranged from panic attacks, eating disorders, sleep problems, fertility, IBS, phobias, depressed states, psycho-sexual problems; also all the ‘doing-too-much’ issues, such as eating, drinking, gambling, shopping, working and many, many more. There have been few issues I haven’t worked with over the years, and with a combination of experience and the advanced modalities I use, when people ring me and say ‘Can you help me with…’, the answer is almost always ‘Yes, I certainly can.’

My early training in PLR started me on a journey of self-discovery and I started reading as many books as I could lay my hands on, so I could understand more about this unknown territory I was exploring. I also went to see a number of skilled PLR therapists and benefited hugely from experiencing my own ‘past lives’. Several years ago, I travelled to New York to do professional training with Dr. Brian Weiss. Originally a Psychiatrist, he is now a world-famous Past Life Regressionist and author of many books on the subject, and the training I did with him paved the way for me to develop an increasingly important therapeutic modality.

Past Life Regression as a Therapeutic Tool
In those early days, I confess I was uncertain of the benefits of PLR as a therapeutic tool. More importantly, I had no concept of the idea that, to fully clear the emotional issues in our current life and understand our purpose for being here, we actually need to know more about our past lives.

With the exception of those who are ‘new Souls’, I believe that most of us have been on the Earth plane many times before. That part of the mind I have always known as the Subconscious Mind, I have now come to accept as also being the Soul Mind. In other words, the mind that is eternal and can never be destroyed or erased. If you can accept this concept, then you can also accept the idea that the Soul Mind carries all the information about who and what we are, including the time before we split away from ‘the Source’ (I choose this word carefully as there are quite literally hundreds of alternative names by which the creator of life-form is known).

The Negative Effects of our Upbringing
My Hypnotherapy training taught me that around 80% of our emotional problems are created within the first 6 years of our life. Within these crucial formative years, we are very susceptible to suggestion, because we haven’t yet built up our own ability to compare information and either accept or reject it, based on our previous experience. We begin to absorb information from the early stage of being in utero, or even before, increasingly using all of our five senses as they become more developed.

By the time of our birth, we are like little sponges, eager to soak up as much information as we possibly can. This information comes from our surroundings, and our perception of what we see, hear, feel, touch and taste. It also comes from those ‘big people’ on our lives – predominantly our care-givers – who seem to know so much, and who surely MUST be right? Uh-oh, unfortunately that’s not always true, and those care-givers – parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, doctors – unwittingly transmit mis-information to the small and inexperienced child. This results in confusion and misperceptions that get stored in the Subconscious Mind in folders, under headings such as fear, sadness, guilt and anger, becoming the foundation of that child’s comparing mechanism, otherwise known as the Critical Factor.

The Development of Coping Mechanisms
As we grow up, the stored information is compounded, and the folders become increasingly full, resulting in emotional disturbance. Consequently, we all learn to develop ‘coping mechanisms’ in order to prevent our lives from being affected in any signification way. When the coping mechanisms stop working, the next stage tends to be unwanted and often unhealthy behaviours, such as over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, etc. in order to comfort or distract us away from the uncomfortable feelings. However, there are also many people who, at some point in their life, begin to exhibit painful mental or physical symptoms. The mind-body connection is so strong, there are no physical illnesses or ailments that do not have an emotional root, further amplified by genetic, environmental and social factors.

These early symptoms can often be severely exacerbated by difficult or traumatic experiences, and in some cases can tip people over the edge and result in anything from full-blown panic attacks, to mental breakdowns, to depression and also to debilitating, even life-threatening illness such as MS and cancer.

The Benefit of Accessing the Soul Mind
When working with clients, using Hypnotherapy, I help them to uncover the early misperceptions and change the way the information is stored. I liken it to digging down into the ground and finding the roots of the unsightly weeds that are choking all our beautiful flowers and shrubs. By removing the roots, the weeds die off and our plants begin to flourish and become healthy once again.

When I started doing Past Life Regression therapy, I soon realised that we must have created a Critical Factor in every former life. Without the benefit of therapy or healing within those lifetimes, then it surely follows that all the misinformation, misperceptions, negative thoughts, feelings attitudes and beliefs, not to mention traumatic events and serious illness, must have remained stored within the Soul Mind. If it is true that the Soul joins the newly-incarnated Being soon after conception, then that same Being carries all of that information throughout his or her lifetime!

In the second Part of this article, Part 2: The Journey of Exploration of Past Lives, (coming soon) you can read about meeting your Soul Group; learn how discovering the origins of your physical and emotional problems can be helpful and even life-changing; also understand the benefits of experiencing the manner of your death.
Niki Cassar DCH DHP GQHP
Past Life Regression Therapist

Templecombe, Somerset


Article Posted – 7th November 2009. Copyright Niki Cassar

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