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Past Life Regression Birmingham PLR therapists. Who were you in a previous life? What impact has a past life had on your life today? These are typical questions from people who want to have a past life regression or life between lives experience






  Who Were You Before ?

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Session Details: You can  list the details of your Past Life Regression Birmingham therapy practice here. Help people recover memories of a previous life or two. Maybe you can offer life between lives past life regressions so they learn the meaning of that past life.


If you are a professional Past Life Therapist in Birmingham you can offer your services here. Many Past Life practitioners like to offer past life healing for issues in the current life. Some offer future lives exploration too.


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Past Life Regression Story Excepts:

“I thought you might be interested my experience in PLR today. I had been vaguely interested in it after having a really, really vivid dream that I felt pretty sure was a past life fragment. Then I found this subreddit and got even more interested after reading about Brian Weiss. I managed to find a therapist who offered PLR in my area, and coincidentally, she had actually trained with Brian. I had my session with her today.”
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Watch this video of Brian Weiss talking about Past Lives