Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives

Past Life Regression (PLR) therapists offer help for many issues that other conventional approaches have been unable to resolve. Some people want to have a therapeutic session where the aims are to resolve some current issue through the use of Past Life Regression. You may of course just be curious and want to experience what it is like to take a past life regression and discover the fascinating information that can arise.


Whatever your reason for visiting a Past Life therapist be assured that the therapists listed here are all trained hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapists are well versed with interacting responsibly and respectfully with the subconscious mind. So you can relax in the knowledge that you will be in skilled and experienced hands.



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Whether you choose to have a Past Life Regression session for curiosity reasons or for therapeutic reasons be assured that your therapist will provide the same professional approach and environment to help you get the most from your session.


This web-site lists therapists who are based in many parts of the UK and you should contact the individual therapists directly by going to the directory of UK Past Life Therapist pages.


We also have listed regression therapists who have Michael Newton’s training for life between lives hypnotherapy. Some of our past life therapists have been trained by Brian Weiss an accepted expert in Past Life Regression. All therapists will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Please use the Past Life Regression therapists directory on the right-hand side to find a Past Life practitioner that is close to you.

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