life between lives

Life Between Lives – The Power of Forgiveness

Life Between Lives – The Power of Forgiveness

Vanessa (name changed to protect privacy) came to see me for two sessions. She had been experiencing many problems over depression, poor self esteem and difficult family relationships. She felt stuck. The first session was aimed at finding a past life that helped her to understand the challenges that she was presented with in her current life.

She went to a life where she was a girl growing up in early twentieth century rural USA, within a family controlled by a violent and abusive father. As a young woman she broke away from her home and eventually she met a man with whom she began her own family, despite carrying deep scars from her earlier life. Towards the end of the session she sought to find forgiveness for her father for the abuse, the brutality and the reign of terror that she had to endure during her younger years. However this was way too much for her, she was simply unable to forgive him for the hurt he had caused her.

The second session was focussed on her ‘Life between Lives’ and her soul purpose in choosing this life. The following transcript is taken from a section where she was accompanied by spirit guides; beings of light seeking to help her in this quest. She found herself being drawn back to the relationship with her ‘past life father’ that she encountered in her first session

Key T: Therapist C: Client

C: I have been trying to let go of resentment, and my guides seem to be telling me that I am ready now …. and I feel more ready.

I am being drawn back to meet him again, even though he has frightened me so much. There is such a blackness within him …. yet he seems a little different this time, he’s more neutral. His image is clearing up now, I can see him …. he is crippled up in pain. He is not a black soul, he is a tortured soul!

T: so how does that affect your feelings of resentment?

C: I don’t resent him, I feel sorry for him. I am telling him that I forgive him. It feels like we are both free now. We are embracing.

(Vanessa continues a moment later)

It seems like in being able to forgive him I am also able to forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made, all the times I have let myself down. I don’t need to punish myself any more for not being good enough. Not so self critical. My guides are pointing out that it is time for me to acknowledge my true worth.

T: Ask your guides to show you some of your activites when you are not in a physical life. Something that reflects the true nature of your soul

C: I am seeing souls ‘passing over’ at the end of their life

T: What are you doing there?

C: I am observing them

T: Are you doing anything else?

C: I am helping them.

T: In what way are you helping them?

C: I am meeting them and I sit with them. I talk with them and …… now it seems that I am helping them to interpret their life. The lessons that they are working on.

T: So the relationship that those souls have with you, is the same kind of relationship that you have with your guides

C: Well, yes. Ohh! I am with my guides now. I mean that I am amongst them. I am one of them, they are surrounding me. It feels wonderful! (long pause) There is even more insight now. I realise that I chose all these challenges, that past life and now this life. I think I even chose my guides. I wanted to become a better guide and needed to go through this to empathise more deeply and understand how it is for people

T: So experiencing abuse and brutality is the major challenge that you took on to help you achieve this. Going through all the negative emotions until you are finally able to forgive.

C: Yes. I can feel them all around me now. They are real close. I feel like I have grown somehow.

The session illustrates how the act of forgiveness has great significance in our quest to evolve spiritually. Forgiveness liberates each party, allows blockages to unravel and awareness of our true nature to emerge. However it also shows that it is important for the feeling of forgiveness to be authentic. If a person needs extra time and patience to gain this, then they can take as much as they need. The session also shows how spirit guides will help us gain insight into our true nature, and how we can take on tough challenges to help us to evolve.

Another aspect of the session showed how it simply does not serve us to be in awe of our spirit guides. It serves us much better to recognise that all the qualities that we perceive to be in them
are also within each of us. Guides can help us to become aware of that.


Dave Graham Dip.Hyp GQHP Dip R.Th
Registered Regression Therapist
Kenilworth, Warwickshire
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Article Posted – 30th September 2012. Copyright Dave Graham

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