Life Between Lives


Life between lives or LBL as it is also known, is a part of a past life regression session that usually involves a deep state of hypnosis. During this life between lives your recollection of experiences from the level of the soul is encouraged.

Experienced past life regression hypnotherapists also offer this specific Life Between Lives experiences as part of a session. A past life regression that includes life between lives connections and recollections can, for many people, be both profound and enlightening. Some may describe it as life changing.

Due to the nature of a life between lives session, and the need for both you the client and the past life hypnotherapist to develop rapport and trust, the duration may be 3 hours or more. It is therefore important that you ensure that any questions you have about the LBL session are asked and answered to your satisfaction.

Some Life Between Lives hypnotherapists may ask you to do some pre-session preparation. If you are asked to this it is in your interest to honour this as your life between lives session will benefit and your experience will be enhanced.

Michael Newton has carried out much work on “Life between Lives” and some therapists have trained with him and use his methods for accessing this fascinating part of part life regression.

Just use the directory listing to find a past life regression hypnotherapist who also offers life between lives near you.