Past Life Healing


No matter whether you have a spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical issue Past Life Regression has the potental to resolve that issue.

Some people have discovered that other means of resolving a current issue has not helped and have turned to the help of a Past Life Regression therapist. When appropriate an experienced hypnotherapist, will suggest to their client that Past Life Regression may be the best solution.


There is no doubt that each of us have had many influences in our lives… some good and some not so useful. If we can inherit physical characteristices from our ancestors then it stands to reason that we may also have inherited behaviours, urges and instincts which may not be appropriate and resourceful today. This could also include inherited memory.


There is also the possibility that the subconscious mind is just delivering scenarios, just like the benefits and importance of dreams, to enable us to grow and mature and to succeed and to reach our potential and more.


Jung suggested that in a past life regression session that the person is accessing a vast universal memory vault, which he called the collective unconscious.


Others believe that the recollection of past lives is due to the person being reincarnated a number of times.


Whatever your beliefs, Past Life Healing, under the guidance of an experienced hypnotherapist can lead to amazing insights and help you to resolve past blocks to your current and future success.