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Past Life Regression – Case History – 01

Past Life Regression – Case History – 01

A Case History of “Steve R”

Steve decided to explore past lives because he was curious about a variety of issues in his life. He was curious about his life purpose and the patterns that kept appearing in his roles at work but his most pressing question was regarding a shoulder problem that had very unexpectedly struck him down at the age of 26, leaving him with a huge scar, paralysed for a short period and then somehow miraculously getting better for no apparent reason. He described what happened in the session.

“I saw myself as a monk called Peter, living in a monastery in Britain in 1520. I wasn’t happy as a monk. As a child I had wanted to be an explorer and I had thought that life as a monk would allow me to travel and teach and meet many people. But it was not to be and I ended up holed up in the one place for my whole life, it was very frustrating especially as I didn’t even really have a very strong belief in God. I had a teacher called John, he had been there for a very long time, he tried to help but I found myself longing to escape and see the world.

I also saw a life in which I was a gangster in 1928 in Boston, I think I was involved in some shady dealings and was amazed at the details I remember, the old cars and the strange outfits that everyone was wearing, including my shoes that looked like the old black and white spats. As a member of a gangster family I had killed a man but was just doing what I needed to do to survive, the man I killed had hurt a lot of people so his death seemed justified. I wasn’t happy with this path that I was following and longed to be free of the fighting and the pressure to do what I was told.

Carrying on with the tough guy theme I then saw a lifetime as an American soldier, called Sergeant George Peterson who parachuted into Germany on the 22nd July 1945. It was very vivid and I came ínto the life just as I was leaping out of the plane. We were ambushed several times and in the process I was shot. I remember yelling out and being very aware of the pain in my shoulder. One of the men gave me morphine for the pain and I distinctly remember feeling woozy afterwards and unable to concentrate as clearly. Even though I was very committed to what I was doing, especially keeping my men safe, I was very tired of all the fighting and all the dying.

In the next life I saw myself on a Clipper ship. Dressed in a blue uniform, a long blue coat, white trousers and high black boots and I was wearing a white wig with a small pony tail at the back. My name was Lieutenant Jackson. I was a British Officer and I found myself somewhere in the Caribbean in the year 1424. I was surrounded by natives and their children, who were running and laughing. I was blown away by the beauty of the island and particularly the cove we had come into. I used to write everything down in a little leather bound book, descriptions of the land and the flowers and the people.

The children were fascinated by my sword, they spoke in a very happy dialect, and they were such a happy people, native women approached us with baskets of food, and shouted out words of greeting to me. The women were very beautiful, they wore very little in the way of clothing and flowers in their hair. To them beauty was important and the place exuded warmth and peace. These people were not savages as we had been led to believe by some people. My role in this life was just to be an explorer, I came from Spain, and it was the King himself who sent me. He was curious and delighted in the stories that I brought him back and, of course, the treasures. I had to fund the trips myself as he was worried about wars and keeping his wealth for any emergency’s that might arise. I used to travel for years at a time and for the most part I was very much kept to my own thoughts, so it was quite a solitary life.

Towards the end of the life I remember feeling really unwell, I was so hot that I felt as though I was burning up. I had a very, a very bad fever. I had picked up some tropical disease from the island, probably from the food. My last thought as I left that body was that I was free, and the most important thing that I learned was that just because people were primitive in their ways it did not make them savages. All people are human and equal, the explorers were not the only ones out there and they most certainly did not have the right to ‘rule the waves’. I was also very happy that in that life I didn’t have to kill anyone.

I was very surprised at what I had uncovered. After my mother had thrown me out of home at the age of fourteen I lived on the streets for a short while and while I was there I made a promise to myself that I would better myself and really make something of my life. I focused my attention on fitness. I trained in Marshal Arts and easily climbed through the ranks until I was a black belt.

I worked really hard until I created a comfortable life for myself as a personal trainer and then one morning, when I was 26, the exact same age as I had been when I was shot in the second world war lifetime, I woke up and tried to make myself a cup of tea. I was unable to life my arm, my whole shoulder had seized up and my arm was left dangling by my side, no strength in it whatsoever.

I went immediately to the hospital and underwent all kinds of tests but the response to the tests was always the same…..nothing…the doctors could find no logical reason as to why my shoulder was no longer working, my shoulder was out of action for a whole year.

And then, just as mysteriously as it had arrived, the problem disappeared. It was exactly a year later. And it was the exact same shoulder.

I still have a very large scar on that shoulder from the treatment I underwent to rectify the problem which the doctors could find no explanation for. Only now do I have some strange sense of why?

Is it possible that his body held the memory of that injury and that it reappeared again all these years later? It is possible. There are many cases where such spontaneous healings have occurred, often when the origin of the problem has been discovered. Certainly he was at a loss to find any other explanation that made any sense. He fully resonated with his past life characters desire to explore and travel to other places. He is now setting up fitness training programmes for the UK and in centres abroad and is now happy that in this life he gets to help people to get fit and healthy rather than anything else.

He felt that the insights from the sessions helped him to clear away the issue of being under other peoples control and could really see that his previous pattern of doing things that he didn’t want to do has obviously been cleared. The past life session really helped him to make sense of everything that happened to him and gave him a much greater sense of clarity and purpose.


Lorraine FlahertyD Hyp, PDC Hyp, MPNLP, MBSCH
Past Life Regression Therapist – Greenwich, London
Email: [email protected]

Article Posted – 1st September 2012. Copyright Lorraine Flaherty


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